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  • Does you company guarantee your products?

    ABSOLUTELY!!! While we try to make product that work perfectly for ALL dogs – the reality is that there isn’t a single product that does. Because of this, we test all our products thoroughly before ever bringing them to market.

    If your dog does destroy one of our products – we have a one-time, no charge, replacement guarantee!

    Simply email us a picture of the destroyed product (required) – along with your:

    Breed of Dog
    Size of Dog
    Age of Dog
    ​Brief Description of Incident


  • How do I assemble my AnimaTwist play system?

    *Before you close your AnimaTwist with the last piece of your combo, fill with your favorite chew, kibble or treat for whatever your combo allows.

    1.) Line up the arrows on both male and female pieces of your Animatwist play system and insert pieces together
    2.) Twist clockwise until pieces click and lock
    ​3.) To Release: push button and twist counter clockwise

  • My Dog was able to open the end of their AnimaTwist - Why?

    While MOST dogs can not open the locked toy, some aggressive chewers with large teeth are able to depress the button on the Twist ‘n Click mechanism and at the same time - twist and open the toy. While it still takes time even for these dogs to open the mechanism – we have found out that dogs that are able to LOVE to treat the toy like a puzzle and got at it again and again. If this is the case with your dog – simply remove the opened toy from your dog – reassemble the toy – and give it back to your dog for more puzzling play.

    *Please Note: We strongly suggest that you do not allow your dog to chew un-assembled pieces in order to preserve the integrity of the locking mechanism.

  • My dogs opened the toy and then chewed the mechanism – now I can not get the pieces back together. What can I do?

    If this happens and your dog has not chewed the separated pieces for long, simply inspect the mechanism for any nylon that may have bristled around the mechanism and sand these down with a nail file so mechanism is clear. If this does not work – please contact our company for a one-time product replacement.

  • I do not allow my dogs to chew rope – so how can he play with the AnimaTwists?

    EASY! Just swap the bottom piece that has the rope (the Ring-Around-The-Roper-Capper) with the bottom piece without the rope (the Classic Capper) and now the AnimaTwist is rope-free!

  • What is the AnimaTwist made of?
    Almost all the pieces are made out of 100% non-toxic nylon – with some pieces including 50% polyester / 50% cotton dental rope.
  • What is the rope dyed with?

    The rope is dyed with a natural color-safe, water based, non-toxic dye.

  • My dog has chewed the toy – and now there are tiny bristles on some part of the surface of the toy. Are these safe?

    As a dog chews the toy, tiny bristle-like projections will form on the surface of the toy which helps clean teeth. If small pieces should be ingested – they should pass.

  • The kibble use when I use the AnimaTwist as a Kibble Ball falls out too fast – what can I do?

    We suggest you mix the kibble you are using with a small amount of a spreadable treat, like peanut butter, and this should extend the playtime quite a bit!

  • Where are the AnimaTwists made?

    The AnimaTwists are molded in China by an internationally complaint factory. However – all assembly, packaging, inspection and distribution is completed here in the USA.

  • Do I need to use your refills to fill my assembled AnimaTwist play system for use with chews?

    We highly recommend our refills as they are nutritious and sized to fit our play system. While our sized-to-fit Himalayan Dog Chews and AnimaChews are perfectly sized to fit AnimaTwists, anything with a length of 3.5 inches and a diameter of 1.25 inches will fit.

Himalayan Dog Chew and AnimaChew Refills

  • What is the difference between Himalayan Dog Chews and AnimaChews?

    Very little. The Himalayan Dog Chews are made in Nepal and inspected in the USA – and are made of four all-natural ingredients: yak milk, cow milk, salt and lime juice. The AnimaChews are made in the USA with only three natural ingredients: cow milk, salt and lime juice.

  • I see your Himalayan Dog Chew Refills are made in Nepal. Is this Fair Trade?

    We are proud the our sister company, Himalayan Corporation’s, Beyond Fair Trade policy is contributing to the economic development of the world’s second poorest nations in Nepal. Himalayan Corporation purchases directly from framers and helps them earn in one year what they would have only been able to make in five years by selling chews in only Nepal. As of November 2013, there are over 3,000 farmers who produce chews for the Himalayan Dog Chew brand.

  • Is the cheese fattening for the dogs?

    The fat content in Himalayan Dg Chews is less then 1%.
    The fat content in the AnimaChews is less than 3%.

  • How do I know if the cheese is bad?

    Although our chews rarely go bad, please do not use chews if you see fibrous white or greenish-blue spots on the chew. This is a sign of mold growth and could be hazardous. We would appreciate of you could send us these chews in a zipper bag for testing. In return we will send you a replacement chew.

  • Isn’t milk supposed to be bad for dogs?

    Milk in its raw form is what is difficult for dogs to digest. Once it is made into cheese, the cooking process actually alters the protein, making it more easily digested. Positive rewards-based obedience training often encourages the use of small pieces of cheese as motivators for behavior. In addition, our product is extremely hard and, depending on the dog's chewing habit, quite long-lasting. Because of this, the amount of dairy that a dog consume at any one time when using Himalayan Dog Chew is extremely limited. Generally speaking, about 10% of the dogs that try our product experience an initial loose stool or gas that always resolves. We have never had a problem with repeated or lasting GI issues. We have been giving this product to our dogs since we’ve started making it, and we have had no problems over this sustained period of time. Most or all lactose is removed during the cooking, cleaning and removal of whey liquid from the solids after the coagulation of the milk. Thus the final product has little or no lactose to contribute toward intolerance among dogs.

  • Isn’t salt supposed to be bad for dogs?

    The amount of salt used in the production of these chews is negligible. It is used as a flavor enhancer, not for the flavor itself.

  • Is it safe for my dog to chew the cheese when only a small piece is left?

    As with any chew – we strongly recommend that you supervise consumption and remove the chew when only a small piece its left. However – we have a fun tip for using that small piece! It can be microwaved into a tasty puff! Simply place the piece in the center of microwave. On high Power start microwave for 45 seconds. If the piece does not puff, add another 10 seconds as needed. Cool for 2 minutes and give to pooch to pamper and please perfectly.


  • What are the AnimaFlingers made of?

    The ends are made of super durable, non-toxic rubber.
    ​The middles are made of 100% non-toxic nylon.

  • Where are the AnimaFlingers made?

    The products is molded in China and packaged, inspected and distributed here in the USA.

  • I can not throw a tennis ball very far – will I have this same problem with the AnimaFlingers?

    Absolutely not – they are easier the fling far than a ball! The product was actually created by our Chief Design Officer after a horrible accident broke his wrist so bad it had to be surgically reconstructed with a metal plate. The metal plate severely affected the flexibility of his wrist and made it difficult for him to throw a ball for his retriever obsessed Golden Doodle. Although there are tennis ball launchers out on the market – he was tired of having to pull them out – while his dogs kept jumping on the ball when trying to pick it up with the launcher. In order to simplify and solve this problem – he invented the AnimaFlingers – which can be flung far with just one finger!

    To help the AnimaFlinger achieved even more distance – he created the AnimaBounce ‘n Bound Technology. The super-bouncy weighted ends help “cartwheel: the product further once it hits the ground!

  • Does the AnimaFlinger float?

    The current version does not.

  • My dog has chewed the middle hard nylon part of the toy – and now there are little bristles on the surface – are these safe?

    As a dog chews the toy, tiny bristle-like projections will form on the surface of the toy which helps clean teeth. If small pieces should be ingested – they should pass.

  • Are the AnimaFlingers dishwasher safe?


  • Besides being an awesome fetch toy – how else can I use my AnimaFlingers?

    1. With the dual textures of rubber and nylon – it is a great chew toy!
    ​2. After a game of fetch – reward you dog by filling a delicious healthy spreadable treat, like peanut butter, into one of the end cavities on either end for a yummy lickable treat!